Volunteers are the true backbone of our hospital! Auxiliary members at George Regional Health System play an important role in supporting and assisting our efforts to provide excellent care to our patients and their families.

These “hospital ambassadors” provide warm welcomes, sincere thoughts, and lots of support and information. Their valuable contribution includes delivering flowers, welcoming our guests, and making our patients and guests comfortable.

If you would like to volunteer your time as a member of the George Regional Health System Auxiliary, please call 601-947-3161.


Candy Stripers

Our Candy Striper program is valuable for both our hospital and for the volunteers. It’s an excellent way to learn about a health occupation while gaining real work experience. One of the most important duties is attending to the needs of our patients. They help make the hospital experience more pleasant by eating with, and reading to, patients and assisting with personal care matters.



Interested in Giving Back to Your Community? Become a Candy Striper!