How to Make Shish Kabob

In the summer, a quick and easy and healthy meal idea is to make shish kabob. Everybody loves kabobs, even the kids. Doesn’t everything taste better on a stick? Kabobs are easy to make and pretty much everyone likes them. If you are feeding vegetarians, then just double up the vegetables. If you’re pressed for time, just set out the meat, veggies, and sticks and everyone can make shish kabob to their preference.
Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need

• Wooden, bamboo or metal skewers
• Cut up meat into chunks (Chicken breast, sausage, beef, pork chops, etc)
• Cut up veggies (onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, potatoes (canned whole potatoe’s work great)
• Grill or broiler pan
• Marinate (Lawry’s teriyaki sauce )

1. First you need to soak the grilling skewers if you are going to be using wooden or bamboo so they don’t go up in the flames when they are on the grill. Soak them for about an hour in water in a flat pan of water. Spray with non-stick oil spray.

2. Cut up meat and veggies into approximately the same size chunks to make sure they finish cooking at the same time. Most shish kabob is made with chicken or beef, but you can also use shrimp, scallops, or fish.

3. Skewer the meat and veggies by alternating different pieces. (Vegetables will finish cooking sooner than some meats will, so it’s a good idea to make all veggie skewers and all meat or seafood skewers to you don’t have overcooked veggies.)

4. Marinate your kabobs in a glass or ceramic flat pan, in the refrigerator. Turn them a few times while marinating if not completely covered by marinade juices.

5. Grill or broil the kabobs until your cooking thermometer indicates that they are finished, turn a few times during the cooking process to make sure they are cooked on all sides.

6. Make shish kabob.

Tips & Warnings

• Skewers can be found in the housewares section of pretty much any grocery store, hardware store, or home goods department store.
• Thick pieces of meat need to be cooked through to the center, use a meat thermometer.
• Try fruit kabobs