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Friday, August 6, 2021



On July the 28th of 2021 the MSDH required all Hospitals to operate under Crisis Conditions.


What could this mean for our patients, staff, and visitors?

Due to the unprecedented surge in COVID-19 infections, and the demand for services across our State, Healthcare Systems are operating beyond capacity and pushed past their intended design.


During these circumstances you may experience some of the following:

Treatment Delays

Emergency Department – Patients will be prioritized by the acuity of their illness and the availability of resources. This could lead to wait times greater than 24 hours.

Clinic Delays – Patients may be prioritized by first come, first serve, or by the acuity of their illness.


COVID-19 Exposure

Visitors and patients have the potential to be exposed to COVID-19 during their visit.

GRHS may experience staffing levels that cannot keep pace with the COVID-19 surge.  This has the potential to require Healthcare Systems to allow COVID-19 positive employees to work to care for the sick.


Room Placement

Patients are not guaranteed a private room during Crisis Operations.



What is being done to mitigate issues arising from COVID-19 surges and Crisis Operations:

  • VACCINE ADMINISTRATION – The Healthcare System makes COVID-19 vaccines available daily
  • Visitation is limited or stopped
  • Entrances and Exits are controlled by the facility and limited to one Entrance
  • COVID-19 screeners screen visitors
  • Masks are required by all visitors
  • Employees are screened each shift
  • Filtered ventilation has been place throughout our facilities
  • Hand sanitizer and hand wash stations are located around our facilities
  • Lobbies have been closed
  • Staff members are reassigned as needed and where available