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CNA Night Shift- Greene County

Monday, March 25, 2024
Greene County Health & Rehab
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He/She is responsible for the care of the residents in a designated area of the facility. He/She is knowledgeable of the information as outlined on the Interdisciplinary Care Plan and follows the plan. He/She provides information to keep the care plan current with the resident’s needs. He/She provides restorative care for each resident in the assigned group keeping the resident well-groomed, clean, and assist to meet the psychosocial needs. He/She assists to keep the resident care areas clean, in good working order, and a home like atmosphere for the resident. He/She communicates with the Licensed Staff and other department heads of the resident’s needs. He/She reports all relevant observations to the Licensed Staff assigned to the unit in a timely manner. He/She documents information timely and daily on the Nursing Flow Record and other records as indicated.

The Nursing Assistant is responsible to the Licensed Staff assigned to the specific unit.



Must be able to read, write, and follow oral instructions. High school education or equivalent is preferred. Must be at least enrolled in a certification program before employment begins and completing of the certification process is preferred prior to employment. Certification process must be completed within state designated deadlines. If the program has not been successfully completed, the Nursing Assistant can only perform those tasks he/she has demonstrated proficiency in completing.



  1. Has the ability to organize, plan, and supervise care of a group of residents assuring quality is provided at all time for this group as well as others in the facility.
  2. Maintains effective interpersonal relationships.
  3. Is of good emotional, mental, and physical health having sound judgment and high standards.
  4. Is willing and capable of providing emergency care as needed for any resident in the facility.
  5. Is courteous in working with residents, families, and employees.
  6. Maintains a neat, well-groomed appearance at all times. Keeps personal appearance appropriate for resident care.
  7. Has a desire to work with the geriatric resident and their current and prospective needs.
  8. Must be in the facility ready to begin assigned duties on time and as scheduled.
  9. Must be willing to work preferred shifts as scheduled and assist on other shifts as needed to assure adequate staffing to meet the needs of each resident.
  10. Must have the ability to provide the care as outlined on the Interdisciplinary Care Plan and other assignments for each resident in assigned group.
  11. Must demonstrate ability to function as a cooperative team member with each member of the Nursing Department and other departments.
  12. Must have ability to provide related bedside resident care services as per facility policy and procedures.
  13. Must display ability to adapt to on the job training and adhere to standards of the facility providing personal care services, assisting residents, caring for equipment and supplies, and developing good understanding of basis of aseptic and sterile techniques.
  14. Must be able and willing to function appropriately in a disaster or evacuation of the facility.
  15. Must demonstrate ability to follow direction of supervising staff.
  16. Must have a pre-employment and an annual Tuberculosis screening examination.




It is to be understood that the Nursing Assistant works by general, consistent, pre-arranged

“Primary” group assignments as the basis of the activity for the shift, but must be able to accept

changes and adapt to added assignment as the need arises. Also, each Nursing Assistant must

work with each other to assure safe practices for each resident and staff are followed.


  1. Signs in on Unit Assignment Sheet.
  2. Reviews any changes on Group Assignment Sheets. Receives report from Licensed Staff assigned to the unit updating Group Assignment Sheet as indicated.
  3. Checks residents and makes rounds on assigned group noting significant issues for intervention. Begin planning time to assure all resident’s needs are met throughout the shift.
  4. Assist residents as indicated to provide A.M., P.M., and daily care to assure residents are clean, dry, toileted, continent, well-groomed, and cared for in the manner they deserve. Follows restorative plan as outlined on the Interdisciplinary Care Plan. Provides for privacy and dignity at all times.
  5. Assist residents to meals. Assist residents to toilet prior to meals. Assist resident to wash hands and face, brush teeth, put on glasses, get to dining room and in good position prior to meal.
  6. Provides assistance and restorative eating as indicated. For those residents who are the most debilitated, consider their weakness in planning time for the whole group of residents.
  7. After meal, assist resident to wash hands and face, return to their room and toilet as needed.
  8. Assist in dining areas as assigned. Offers assistance to residents as needed. Offers substitutions for items not eaten well by any resident. Promotes atmosphere conducive to increased nutritional intake for each resident in the dining room.
  9. For those residents unable to go to the dining room, assist in service, assisting and supervising meal service as assigned.
  10. Assist in transporting used trays to the kitchen following appropriate infection control policies and procedures.
  11. Assist residents to plan their time to enable them to be well cared for as well as attend their desired functions during the shift. (i.e., activities, visits with each other and their families, outings, meals, quiet times, etc.)
  12. Answers call lights timely assisting with care as indicated. Keeps call lights available for the residents.
  13. Encourages and motivates residents to participate in recreational activity of body and mind.
  14. Provides and keeps fresh water and fluids available for the residents at all times. Offers fluids at least every 2 hours or each time in the room when appropriate.
  15. Timely serves and provides assistance with between meal nourishments as indicated.
  16. Follows bath and whirlpool schedules as outlined for each resident. Do nail care, wash hair, shave, etc. to assure personal hygiene practices are always followed.
  17. Checks all residents frequently and at least every 2 hours assuring the resident is repositioned, turned, toileted, clean, safe, etc. Provides intervention as needed to provide a safe clean environment.
  18. Checks each resident who is being physically restrained releasing the restraint and assisting the resident to toilet at least every 2 hours.
  19. Checks all residents daily for condition of skin, reporting findings to Licensed Staff assigned to unit.
  20. Assist licensed staff when needed to position residents in need of treatments. Keeps hand rolls and positioning devices in place as needed and as indicated for each resident.
  21. Keeps hand rolls and positioning devices in place as needed and as indicated for each resident.
  22. Assist residents to bed for naps or night sleep as needed. Provides a quiet restful and safe atmosphere when residents are resting.
  23. Takes and records vital parameters as assigned. Assists with weekly and monthly weights as assigned.
  24. Cleans and properly arranges all bedroom furniture to include keeping the residents orderly, clean and following infection control guidelines.
  25. Assist the residents in keeping closets clean, clothing clean and in good repair, marked with their name, etc.
  26. Assist residents to keep bathrooms clean, following infection control and privacy practices.
  27. Changes residents bed clothing to assure the bedding is clean, not wrinkled, and promotes good hygiene and care practices.
  28. Follows appropriate infection control practices in working with the residents and equipment.
  29. Keeps accurate records of intake and outputs and procedures throughout the shift for those residents who require such.
  30. Records information on the Nursing Care Records timely.
  31. Keeps Licensed Staff informed of pertinent information timely. Writes pertinent information on the Group Assignments Sheet and Communication Books.
  32. Provides information accurately and timely for information to be added to the residents Interdisciplinary Care Plan.
  33. Cleans ancillary rooms and equipment as assigned. Assist other members of the staff to keep each area of the facility clean, orderly, safe, and a homelike atmosphere for the residents.
  34. Assist other staff members as needed throughout the shift. Cooperates with other personnel to be sure residents are of prime importance to all members of the staff.
  35. Assist new staff members in orientation as needed throughout the shift.
  36. Maintains safe environment at all times, wiping up spills, working with housekeeping staff when available picking up articles as noted, etc.
  37. Gives report to Licensed Staff and turn in completed Group Assignment sheet prior to leaving the unit to go off duty.
  38. Performs any other tasks as assigned by the Licensed Staff, Director of Nursing, or Assistant Director of Nursing.


Must work throughout the nursing areas of the facility. May require working irregular hours and may be exposed to communicable diseases and/or body fluids, medical preparations, toxic substances, and occasionally ionizing radiation.



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