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Hospital Pricing

Welcome to George Regional Health System Hospital Pricing!

When it comes to healthcare, finding out medical costs can be complicated. At GRHS, we are trying to make things a little easier. Before you come to a GRHS facility, you can get an estimate about the approximate/average amount of out-of-pocket costs associated with a healthcare service.

  • Online Research: 
    To further help our patients we have added the links below. You may also want to check on your insurance company’s web page for possible information.
  • Health Partners: 
    If you happen to have this health insurance, you can use their web site to look up “cost of care” information by State.

  • Fair Health Consumer Cost Lookup: 
    This website is a medical cost estimator. It allows consumers to estimate the cost of thousands of medical procedures, searchable by zip code. It is designed to help consumers plan for expenses, and also shows how much patients are likely to pay if care is needed while uninsured: http://fairhealthconsumer.org/medicalcostlookup.php

What will you need to collect prior to contacting us? Good question. We will need to know the following information:

  • Select a Hospital
  • Select a Service or Test
    (Examples: MRI of the knee, gallbladder removal, mammogram, childbirth, emergency room visit, appendectomy, bone imaging, ultrasound, lab work, cardiolite stress test, echo, physical therapy, colonoscopy, inpatient stay, etc.)
  • Select a Communication Method
    (Examples: email, call or in-person visit). We will need to know how to contact you with the requested information… name, phone number, email address and if you have insurance. Please do not email any healthcare identifiers such as social security number, insurance number and such. We want to help you protect your private health information from possible internet theft.

Choose any of the following options to start the process. Please allow up to three days for a reply.

The approximate/average cost provided does not normally include physician and/or professional charges (for example, pre-procedure office visits, surgeon, pathologist, anesthesiologist, radiologist, consulting physicians, emergency room physicians, etc.). If these charges are included it will be specifically stated on the document. Why you ask? It is because our facility does not bill for all of these professional services. You will need to contact these providers for a professional services estimate from their office.

Also, the cost information provided is not a guarantee of insurance coverage. Consumers are encouraged to check with their insurance company to best understand the specifics about what you will be expected to pay based upon your insurance policy. Nor can the estimated cost project any additional tests or services which may be necessary at the time of the visit.

Thank you for choosing George Regional Health System for all of your healthcare needs!