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Hospital Pricing

Welcome to George Regional Health System Hospital Pricing!

In order to comply with the next phase of implementation of the 2015 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) per CMS regulation, the following information provided is a comprehensive list of charges for services and/or items provided by our hospital. This is known as a Chargemaster. The amounts listed in the Chargemaster are not what the hospital is paid by insurers, nor is it a good indicator of what a patient’s final out-of-pocket cost will be. However, it is what we are required to make public.

George Regional Hospital Charge Master 2020-03

Greene County Hospital Charge Master 2020-03

To gather better information, patients should contact their medical insurance provider to get further details about the possible cost of their care, including healthcare providers in-and out-of-network and covered services. Patients should also talk with their insurance provider to understand which costs will be covered by insurance and which will be the patient’s responsibility.

Patients without medical coverage can contact the business office regarding our charity policy and application requirements. George Regional Health System may also offer cash pricing for some procedures. If the information provided by contacting the insurance company is not sufficient and more detail is needed regarding the cost of your care, understanding of coverage and patient responsibility or self-pay pricing, please contact us one of the following ways (please allow up to three days for a reply):

Information regarding the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act price transparency for COVID -19 testing. George Regional Health System does not perform COVID-19 testing in-house.  We collect the specimen (a $33.00 charge) and send them to an outside lab vendor for actual testing. The vendors which can be used are as follows: State/CDC (Free), Vikor Scientific ($100), LabCorp ($100), and CERTUS ($53). NOTE: Some of these vendors have informed us that they will also file uninsured claims (self-pay) with HRSA for reimbursement.

Disclaimer: The cost information provided is not a guarantee of insurance coverage or final cost projection, as we cannot project all services or tests which may be ordered during your visit with us. The information given is based upon averages. 

Thank you for choosing George Regional Health System for all of your healthcare needs!

To learn more about Standard Charges, please watch the video below: