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Patient Portal FAQ

These frequently asked questions are associated with the FollowMyHealth portal from Community Medical Center, Community Surgical Center, Greene County Family Medical Clinic, and Wiggins Primary Care that is located here. They will not assist you with issues associated with the portal for the George Regional Hospital or Greene County Hospital. You may find more information about those portals here.

Passwords and Access

Q: I forgot my password. What should I do?
A: You may click the “Forgot password” link on the sign-in page at FollowMyHealth to reset your password online. We have no control over changing your passwords. Please don’t forget or lose your log in information!
Q: Can I get a new activation code if I have lost it or let it expire?
A: Yes, you will need to request this in person at your next visit.
Q: Where can I update my personal information (e.g., home address, e-mail or change my password)?
A: Log on to FollowMyHealth and from the left menu, go to the Preferences section and select the appropriate option.
Q: Can I access FollowMyHealth from my mobile device?
A: Yes. You can access the full web-based version of FollowMyHealth from your mobile device. You can also download a free FollowMyHealth app from the iPhone App Store or Android Market by searching for FollowMyHealth. After download, select Community Medical Center from the app’s phone book. (Wiggins Primary Care and Greene County Family Medical Clinic patients will access their account through the Community Medical Center portal account.)

Appointments and Messaging

At this time, we are unable to provide appointment scheduling through FollowMyHealth. Please call your clinic of choice to schedule an appointment.

Q: If I send a message to my health care team, when can I expect a reply?
A: You will generally receive an answer within one to three business days. FollowMyHealth should not be used for urgent situations. For medical emergencies, please call 911.

Your Medical Record

Q: How does FollowMyHealth display my medical information?
A: FollowMyHealth is your personal window into the same electronic medical record system used by your health care team to document your care.
Q: Will I be able to view my entire medical record in FollowMyHealth?
A: Most, but not all, of the information related to care delivered by your clinic providers will be available in FollowMyHealth. Your providers’ clinical documentation and certain test results will not appear. Contact your health care team if you have concerns or questions about the information in your FollowMyHealth account.
Q: How do I know if I have a new message, or other new information is available in my FollowMyHealth account?
A: You will receive an e-mail when you have new information in your FollowMyHealth account. If you are not receiving these e-mails, please verify that we have the correct e-mail address on file and that you have signed up to receive notifications. To do this, long into FollowMyHealth and click “My Account > Notification” on the left menu. You may also want to check your personal e-mail settings to make sure FollowMyHealth e-mails are not being sent to your junk mail folder.
Q: When will I see my test results in FollowMyHealth?
A: Your test results are released to your FollowMyHealth account after your provider has reviewed them, generally within 1 to 7 days.
Q: Why can’t I see certain test results in FollowMyHealth?
A: There are times when your provider will want to speak with you before releasing the results to be viewed in FollowMyHealth. Please speak with your provider if you have questions about when your test results will be viewable in FollowMyHealth.
Q: What information can I edit or change in FollowMyHealth?
A: In your FollowMyHealth account you can update your demographics, e-mail address, and password. Log into FollowMyHealth and click “My Account” on the left menu. You can then select the appropriate option.
Q: Why can’t I view medical information from my providers who aren’t affiliated with George Regional Health Systems Clinics in my FollowMyHealth account?
A: Your George Regional Health Systems Clinics FollowMyHealth will not include information entered by providers who practice outside of our network of clinics. If a physician is not affiliated with our clinics, they cannot enter data in our electronic medical record system and therefore it cannot be viewed in FollowMyHealth. However, you can use FollowMyHealth to view the results of lab tests and imaging procedures performed at your local clinic, regardless of your other provider’s affiliation.
Q: How can patients use FollowMyHealth to support consistent health care from providers outside of George Regional Health Systems Clinics?
A: Because FollowMyHealth is available through the web anytime, anywhere, it is a handy communication tool for patients. It’s easy to download or print out post-appointment summaries and other medical information from your FollowMyHealth account and share them with your primary care physician and other providers unaffiliated with George Regional Health Systems Clinics.

Your Family’s Medical Record

Q: Can I view a family member’s health record in FollowMyHealth?
A: Yes. A process called “proxy access” allows you to view the FollowMyHealth records of a family member or someone under your care. First, the patient or the patient’s legal representative must complete the proper proxy authorization form at his/her provider’s office to give another individual permission to access their medical information through FollowMyHealth. If the patient is under 18 years old, then the parent or legal guardian must complete the authorization form.
Q: Can I access my child’s health information in FollowMyHealth?
A: Parents, family members, legal representatives , and other individuals may become authorized as a proxy to access a child’s medical information in FollowMyHealth for approved purposes. In all cases, a form must be completed at the provider’s office before proxy access can be granted.
Q: What is Proxy Access?
A: Please see the different levels…
  • Proxy Access for Children: Gives parents and legal guardians access to information for children under age 18. Through proxy access, parents and legal guardians can keep track of vaccination records, growth charts, diagnoses, and medical instructions, as well as communicate with a child’s George Regional Health Systems Clinics providers. Due to legal requirements, the features and information available to proxies for children ages 13-17 are automatically reduced. At age 18, proxy access is automatically discontinued. To continue proxy access beyond age 18, the child must complete and sign an adult proxy authorization form at the provider’s office.
  • Proxy Access for Adults: Designed to ease the process of caring for another adult, such as an elderly parent, for couples who wish to share health information and assist one another in managing tasks such as requesting appointments or prescription renewals. With proxy access, caregivers have access to appointment histories, visit summaries, medication instructions and other important information. Patients can choose to allow an adult proxy to have full access, access for scheduling purposes only, or limited access to view and perform messaging and scheduling functions.
  • Proxy Access for Legal Representatives: Gives legal representatives access to information for patients who are incapacitated, have an intellectual disability, or may otherwise be unable to act on their own behalf.
Q: Can I submit one proxy access request form for my entire family?
A: No. The applicable request or authorization form will need to be submitted for each proxy access request relevant to each family member. These forms become part of the patient’s electronic health record and must contain each patient’s or proxy’s individual information which is used for identification purposes and FollowMyHealth account set-up.
Q: Can there be more than one designated proxy for a single patient?
A: Yes. A patient has the right to authorize more than one individual to have access to his/her FollowMyHealth information. A separate and applicable form must be completed for each proxy relationship.
Q: Can a person serve as proxy for more than one patient?
A: Yes. An individual can serve as a proxy for more than one child and/or adult. A separate and applicable form must be completed for each proxy relationship.
Q: Can a non-family member have access to a FollowMyHealth account?
A: Yes. Patients aged 18 or older can grant proxy access to non-family members.
Q: Can I ask questions regarding a family member from my FollowMyHealth account?
A: A proxy can send a message to the office of the patient’s primary care physician or any provider with whom the patient has had an appointment in the past 2 years at a participating George Regional Health Systems Clinic. If you are not a proxy for your family member, please do not send messages about that person from your FollowMyHealth account, since the information would not appear in the correct person’s electronic medical record.
Q: Can a family member and I share one FollowMyHealth account?
A: No. Each patient or proxy must establish their own individual FollowMyHealth account in order to assure that information is associated with the correct account.
Q: To have proxy access for a patient do I need a George Regional Health Systems Clinics medical record?
A: No. A George Regional Health Systems Clinics medical record is not needed. A non-patient proxy is a user with a FollowMyHealth account, but no patient record.
Q: Can proxy access be revoked?
A: Yes. Proxy access to a child’s information in FollowMyHealth is automatically terminated when the child reaches age 18. Adults 18 and older who have their own FollowMyHealth account can revoke proxy access. Adolescents aged 13-17 are not able to revoke proxy access, even if they have their own FollowMyHealth account.

Technical Questions

Q: Is my information safe in FollowMyHealth?
A: Yes. FollowMyHealth is protected by advanced encryption technology, so that only you and your authorized proxies can view your information. Be sure to keep your password private.
Q: FollowMyHealth logged me out. What happened?
A: For your security, FollowMyHealth automatically logs out after 15 minutes of inactivity on your computer. We recommend that you log out of your FollowMyHealth session if you need to leave your computer for even a short period of time.
Q: Who do I contact if I have further questions?
A: If you have questions about or trouble using FollowMyHealth, such as difficulty activating your account, please call for technical support at 601.947.8181 Ext. 4111 or email us at cmcportal@georgeregional.com. Please note that our support team can only assist with problems relating to the use of FollowMyHealth, not issues related to your personal computer or web browser. Contact your provider’s office if you have questions about the information in your FollowMyHealth account or for other matters related to your George Regional Health Systems Clinics care. Do not use FollowMyHealth for urgent medical matters. For medical emergencies, call 911.