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George Regional Health System Partners with Circuit Clerk’s Office / Election Commissioners

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

George Regional Health System is providing thousands of pens for the upcoming election. “In-person voting has some concerned about the safety of voting,” explains Chad Welford, George County Circuit Clerk. The county’s election commissioners have been busy working on ways to make voting safe for everyone. The health system has helped with one of the issues. Instead of each voter signing in and using the same pen, everyone will have access to a pre-packaged pen for their own use. “The pens can also be used at the voter box. It’s a touch screen, so we will encourage everyone to use the tip of their pen instead of their fingers to vote,” Welford points out.

“We’ve ordered plenty of pens for each voting member of our community to have,” explains Greg Havard, CEO, George Regional Health System. “It’s our obligation to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Providing a pen is just a small way to help us do that.” The pens have the health system’s COVID hotline number printed on them. The hotline is available for anyone looking for answers about the virus.

“We are thankful to the George Regional Health System for helping us make sure our community is safe during the voting process,” adds Welford.

Pictured with one of the touch screen voting booths is Caleb Howell, Election Commissioner District 2; Greg Havard, CEO, George Regional Health System; Chad Welford, Circuit Clerk; and Rebecca Berry, Election Commissioner District 5. Not pictured: Joanie Evans, Election Commissioner District 1, Alan Brown, Election Commissioner District 3, and Connie Lancaster, Election Commissioner District 4.