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Knotts Brings 20+ Years of Speech Therapy Experience to George Regional Health System

Monday, January 19, 2015

Speech Therapist Luci Knotts recently joined the staff at Southeast Rehab. “As a child, I could not say the ‘r’ sound and was teased a lot—hence the reason I chose this profession,” Knotts laughs. A graduate of the University of South Alabama, she earned her Master’s Degree in 1995.

Her extensive 20-year career includes working with the Pascagoula school system, providing speech therapy in the nursing home setting, and most recently at Singing River Health System. “Actually, a patient I was treating from Lucedale planted the seed to come to George County,” she explains. “I’m excited to be here. This health system is growing and I’m glad to be a part of that growth.”

Knotts will focus on providing outpatient speech therapy at the rehab center (838 Mill Street) and in the nursing home setting at George Regional Health & Rehab. “The variety of this profession is what I enjoy the most. I may be working with a newborn baby, then helping a stroke victim—I love the challenge of it,” she explains.

“I’m very interested in feeding issues in children. My goal is to become certified in the SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) approach, which is a way to address problematic feeding behaviors. There’s a real need in this area,” Knotts points out. “So many babies and children are being referred to outlying areas and it would be wonderful to offer the service here. Early intervention is key.”

Southeast Rehabilitation, an extension of George Regional Health System, helps patients effectively manage their wellness and rehabilitation. The center features a blend of prevention and treatment services all at one location. For more information, call 601-947-9190.